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Giving Back…Paying it Forward!
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Opportunities to give back to the community present itself in so many different ways. Some are grand gestures while others are small in nature. Regardless of the size, impact, effort, etc., the recognition and eventual action taken is both powerful … Read More

Art of Listening!
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How many times do you meet and greet people with, “How are you?” “How was your weekend?” These casual greetings have become somewhat routine, similar to the weather small talk to break the silence in an elevator. Do you really … Read More

Is Glossophobia limiting your potential?
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Glossophobia is the most common phobia in adults as well as children. It is what we fear more than death! (Psychology Today November 29, 2012 Glenn Croston, Ph.D) Symptoms and side effects range from dry mouth, weak voice, stuttering, shaking, sweating, … Read More

Art of Speaking!
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Sweaty palms… Butterflies in your stomach… A frog in your throat…. Your heart thumping so loudly you swear everyone can hear it…. Let’s face it, public speaking is nerve wracking! Your entire body reacts before, during and after your presentation, … Read More